Geometrik Studio is not a typical, full-service architectural firm.

The Studio's focus is on providing intelligent, knowledgeable design and visual presentation solutions that fully integrate design services with computer graphics, modeling, and rendering.  We mainly provide services to architects, designers, developers and builders during the early stages of project development.  Our clients have also included universities, toy companies, web developers, and artists.

We can help any client who needs compelling visual media & design from a single source provider.


As a design consultant:  Geometrik Studio can work collaboratively with your staff to improve and evolve designs that have already been prepared, or work with them to prepare new, alternative designs.

The Studio can also work independently to deliver excellent concept design proposals, expanding your company's capabilities or capacity to handle an additional workload.

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As a visualization consultant:  The Studio can deliver visual media to support all aspects of project development cycles, including schematic design, design development, city & government approval and final marketing & sales.

The Studio understands the sense of urgency that accompanies the RFP process and can support your efforts in time-critical situations.

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-    Architectural Design
-    3D Modeling & Rendering
-    3D Animation
-    Interactive Content  (e.g kiosks)

-    Virtual Media  (virtual panoramas)
-    Product Visualization
-    Concept Development


Every project is unique:  Please give us a call or email some documents & photos and we can give you an estimate based on the scope of work required.

A "ballpark"estimate can be provided if necessary, but the individual characteristics of every project vary widely which directly affects time & cost.

Not just architecture...

The Studio is primarily focused on architectural design & visualization, but our versatility and experience in both art and design can be applied to any field that requires creative thinking and compelling visual graphics to sell your ideas & projects.

We're always looking for creative opportunities outside the Studio's mainstream (e.g., furniture design & visualization, trade show booths, virtual set development, etc).


Effective communication:

We believe that engaging our clients and involving them directly in our design & visualization process leads to a better, more effective end product.

We'll maintain a steady flow of dialog with your firm, and provide in-process visuals (e.g. hand sketches, rough drafts, preliminary renderings, etc.) throughout the duration of the project. 


Where are we?

Geometrik Studio is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Many of our clients are also located in the Twin Cities Metro area, and west-central Wisconsin.

We have experience working with clients throughout the U.S. for more than 20 years, including the cities of St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, Tampa, and Seattle to name a few. The Studio has a proven track record of maintaining productive long distance relationships with our clients, many of whom we have never seen in person.


All work is performed in-house.

Your project will not be outsourced to third parties or subcontracted to overseas services.

All work shown on this site, including the website itself, has been prepared exclusively by Geometrik Studio.