Conceptual Design for a 4-Story Medical Building Addition

Recently, the Studio was asked to develop an exterior skin treatment for a 4-story addition/expansion to an existing medical building in Wisconsin. The new design was developed from minimal information provided by the architect, and adds 3 stories on top of an existing single story structure (the portion of the building under the linear canopy & colonnade). The design also includes an additional vertical circulation core, main entry, and function spaces.

The directive from Geometrik Studio's client was very specific regarding overall composition, as well as some of the architectural "features" that the architect wanted to directly relate to other projects built for the medical company that requested the proposal. The fenestration is dictated by the existing 1-story structure, so that the old and new would appear compositionally unified.

Altoona Elementary School Design Unveiled...

Geometrik Studio's work as design consultant on the new elementary school in Altoona, Wisconsin was formally unveiled on March 16th.

Presented to the Altoona School District and the public by our long-time client Dave Cihasky of ADG Architects, the presentation renderings are now included in the Geometrik Studio Design Gallery.


School Design work wrapping-up...

Geometrik Studio's work on the exterior design concept has concluded, while our architectural partner moves forward with the next phase of project development.  Eventually, we'll probably be asked to take a look at the interior design.  For now, here's another view showing the predominant red accents requested by the School Board:

View of the Bus Drop-off & Entry, with main building Entrance Canopy in the distance.

View of the Bus Drop-off & Entry, with main building Entrance Canopy in the distance.

Elementary School: Design work progressing...

'Still can't reveal too much about the design yet, but the School District provided some good input during our meeting the other day.

Surprisingly, we were asked us to pursue one of the more interesting entry options we presented. They also asked for a more neutral brick palette, which really helps accentuate the red building accents.

The new proposed canopy design.

The new proposed canopy design.

New Work: Elementary School Design

Geometrik Studio has been contracted to develop an exterior design for a new elementary school in Wisconsin.

Here's a snippet - 'can't reveal the whole design yet...

View of one of the building entrances...

View of one of the building entrances...